School Day

The School Day

Before School 

Breakfast club children are brought to the main reception between 7.30 and 8.45 am.

School doors will be open from 8.45am to 8.55am and a member of staff will be on the door to welcome in the KS2 children at 8.45am.   KS1 will enter school at 8.55 – 9.05 via class doors

Breakfast club children are released to their classes at 8.45 am.

Late pupils to arrive via Main Entrance and be entered in the late book and a reason supplied. Please do not drop your children off at the bottom of the drive and leave them to enter the school alone.

No parents need to come into school

 On Fridays - Parents are invited to Golden assembly at 9.00 am (they enter and leave the hall through the fire exit from the playground directly in to the hall to keep disruption to a minimum for the children). 

10.15 - 10.30 am KS1 and 10.30 - 10.45 am KS2    Morning Break time. Children who have milk drink this now then healthy snacks are eaten on the playground.  Class One and Two children receive free fruit.

12.00 - 1.05 pm  KS1 and 12.20 - 1.20pm KS2       Lunch Time.  Children wash their hands before eating. Children with packed lunches and hot lunches all eat together in the hall first and then go outside to play afterwards at approximately 12.30 pm.


At the End of the School Day

Classroom diary is collected from the office and messages/letters shared with class.

All children are collected from the classroom front doors by parents/carers at 2.55 -3.05pm KS1 and 3.10pm for KS2.

After School Activity Clubs and Home2school club start at 3.15pm.

All remaining children which have not been collected by 3.15 go to Home to school Club which finishes at 5.15pm.

After School Activity Club children are collected from the classroom doors but Home2School pupils are to be collected by parents from the Main entrance.

Parents please do not come into the school at the end of clubs.

The school asks for written notification from parents of any change in who will collect their children from school whether it is to be a regular arrangement or a ‘one off’.

The Head teacher is usually in School between 8.15 a.m. and 5.45 p.m. and will be pleased to see parents by appointment at any time between these hours if they feel the matter is of a confidential nature. 


School Rules


  • Uniform should be worn unless stated otherwise
  • Safety and behaviour talk must be carried out by Teacher beforehand in conjunction with the completed risk assessment.
  • Children must have no fizzy drinks and disposable lunches where possible.
  • Behaviour Code should be followed.


If a child is absent from school due to sickness and diarrhoea they must remain absent for 48 hours after their last bout to try and minimise the spread of infection.


Please follow and exemplify our Behaviour Policy which is outlined in this booklet.

Physical violence such as kicking and hitting should automatically be sent to Head teacher (Stage 4).

Head Lice

Long hair must be tied back at all times. Parents to be informed and children should be treated as soon as possible.

Jewellery and Valuables

  • Stud earrings only - to be taken out before PE lessons.
  • No scarves, large bows or other head decorations to be worn.
  • Valuables in school (including mobile phones) must always be handed in to class teacher.