School Calendar


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31/10/2021Closing Date for Secondary School Applications
01/11/2021Term 2 Starts
03/11/2021Foundation Meeting at 6:00pm
09/11/2021Pupils and Curriculum Meeting at 6:30pm
16/11/2021Travelling Books - get ready to buy all your Christmas books

Book fair arrives today.

16/11/2021Finance and Staffing Meeting at 6:30pm
23/11/2021FBG Meeting at 6:30pm
23/11/2021Book Fair

The Book fair will be leaving us today.

29/11/2021Class 1 Parents evening
30/11/2021Class 2 Parents Evening
01/12/2021Class 3 Parents Evening
04/12/2021Partney Christmas Fair

Will be held in the Victory Hall Partney.


07/12/2021KS1 Production 5.45pm for 6pm

To be held in school hall.

10/12/2021KS 2 Production 5.45 for 6pm start

To be held in the school hall.

15/12/2021Christmas Party

The children's Christmas Party will be after lunch,hopefully we will get a surprise visit from a special guest.


LADA will be performing Puss in Boots for the children in the school.

17/12/2021End of Term 2
17/12/2021Final Golden Assembly for 2021
20/12/2021Professional Day (Twilights taken in lieu)
04/01/2022Term 3 starts
11/01/2022Pupils and Curriculum Meeting at 6:30pm
18/01/2022Finance & Staffing Governors meeting at 6.30pm

The meeting will start at 6.30pm.

25/01/2022FBG Meeting at 6:30pm
21/02/2022Term 4 starts.
15/03/2022Finance and Staffing Meeting at 6:30pm
22/03/2022FBG Meeting at 6:30pm

To include Budget information

31/03/2022Term 4 ends.
01/04/2022Professional Day
20/04/2022Term 5 starts
03/05/2022Pupils and curriculum Governors meeting at 6.30pm

The meeting will be starting at 6.30pm

17/05/2022FBG at 6:30pm
27/05/2022Term 5 ends
06/06/2022Term 6 starts
07/06/2022Foundation Meeting at 6:30pm
21/06/2022Finance and Staffing Meeting at 6:30pm
05/07/2022FBG Meeting at 6:30pm
22/07/2022Term 6 ends
01/09/2022Professional Day - (Twilight session in lieu)
02/09/2022Professional day - Safeguarding
05/09/2022Professional day
06/09/2022Term 1 starts
21/10/2022Term 1 ends
31/10/2022Term 2 starts
16/12/2022Term 2 ends
03/01/2023Professional Day
04/01/2023Term 3 starts
10/02/2023Term 3 ends
20/02/2023Term 4 starts
31/03/2023Term 4 ends
17/04/2023Professional day
18/04/2023Term 5 starts
26/05/2023Term 5 ends
05/06/2023Term 6 starts
21/07/2023Term 6 ends