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School meals are healthy, tasty, social and fun.  A school lunch will also provide a varied and balanced diet and provide the right amount of energy to ensure that your child can work better in the afternoons.

The whole school sit and eat lunch together in ' The Galley' (the school hall) but when the weather is warm the children sometimes sit outside under our canopy.

 All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are able to receive a school meal at no cost to the parent/guardian as announced by the Government.  For pupils in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 lunches can be ordered and bought at a cost of £2.60 a day from Ideal School Meals.

They operate from six kitchen sites based throughout Lincolnshire and supply over 50 primary schools with a home cooked, transported meal solution. They are fully audited by the relevant local environmental health departments and their menus comply with the national standards for food in schools.

They believe menus should be varied and interesting, and therefore provide a choice of 5 main options and 3 puddings every day, to ensure there is always something on the menu to appeal to the children. No chocolate is used only cocoa powder. With a wide range of traditional and modern dishes included within each menu plan, we ensure different tastes are catered for. Furthermore, they’re able to supply meals for allergy and dietary requirements where required.

With a commitment to using local suppliers and produce, their meat products are sourced from renowned, award winning butcher, Simpsons. For their fresh products, they use J Hull of Sutterton, who sources from the fields of Lincolnshire wherever possible and delivers to their kitchens daily to ensure ingredients remain as fresh as possible.

When your child starts we will register them and you will be able start ordering.  If you have any questions in advance or need assistance setting up your online account, please don’t hesitate to contact us or Ideal School Meals on 01522 246424.

Meals can be ordered from 4 Menu

Please don’t forget to add any food allergies on the admission form so that we can pass this information on to Ideal School Meals. There is a universal eligibility checking service for free school meals, which will enable us to check all primary and secondary school pupils for free school meal eligibility. This system will also determine eligibility for Pupil Premium, which means the school will receive extra funding per eligible pupil from central government to fund valuable support such as extra tuition and learning materials for that child. To help ensure that we are able to claim the correct level of funding, please apply for Free School Meals online at :

(This applies even if your child is in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). You may find that your child is entitled to free school meals and additional funding.

To avoid requesting this information again, Lincolnshire County Council will store your data securely and it will be checked periodically for eligibility so if your circumstances change your child may become entitled at a later date.

As a healthy school we encourage children to drink water throughout the school day and each new pupil is given a free water bottle. We ask that children bring their water bottles to school every day. Replacement bottles can be bought from the school office.  We provide all children with the opportunity to have a beaker of milk at morning break and a variety of fresh fruit is offered at breakfast club, morning break, and at home to school club.