Going to Church

When Do You Go To Church?

As a Church of England School, we have close links to St Nicholas’ Church in Partney.  Each half term ends with a service in the church which is also attended by the children’s families, governors and members of the local community.  Everyone is welcome.  These services often celebrate relevant events in the Christian calendar such as our Harvest Festival and Christingle.

The children play an integral role in our church services and each class takes part.  Some children read prayers, poems and stories which they have often written themselves.  Others perform plays or sing songs.  We have even had a horse in church carrying Jesus into Jerusalem as on Palm Sunday!  Everyone joins in with special hymns and the School Choir perform as well.

Our school is very lucky to have several members of the local clergy - Reverand Teresa and Father Terry who not only come into school to share our Collective Worship but also help us with our end of term services.  We also attend church on other Christian festival days such as Ash Wednesday and as part of our Rogation Walk celebrations.

Every Christmas we hold our school production in the church which is always a very special evening.  All the children take part. The Partney School Choir also takes part in the Christingle Service at St Martin’s Church in Welton-le-Marsh each year and often help the children at The Treehouse Children’s Club at East Kirkby to perform their nativity by singing carols throughout their play.

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The Year Six children attend the Lincolnshire Church School’s Festival each summer and enjoyed parading our school banner which they had helped to make with pupils from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Alford.  Every March the choir sing in the Music Festival, held in the Methodist Church in Spilsby, which is a joyful event for local primary schools.

As well as all these special events, we visit the church as part of our school work.  Class One held a ‘baptism’ service with Mrs Kay and Reverend Thornett as part of their work on Celebrations.  Other pupils visited the church to look at artefacts and symbols within the church itself.  In previous years, some pupils have climbed the church tower and have even rung the church bells.

Our local church is very much part of our school community and the children are very comfortable there.  They have enjoyed decorating their church throughout the year with Harvest banners, Easter gardens and stories and we will be visiting again soon as we begin our Trinity art projects.